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Real-HomeppathyReal Homeopathy is the Content Module created by Ati Petrov for en|vision.  We have included a section of her work in the base work set.  Ati Petrov’s  online training is available on Real Homeopathy Training below.

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Presentation of the Homeopathy Base Workset

“How to use the Homeopathy in the Base workset”  additional tips and information on Homeopathy.

Constitutions – Drainage – First Aid – Acute Diseases – Mother and baby – Children – Sleeping problems


Treatment for general health support and maintenance:

Constitutions – Personality types- 2 groups of 6 each:

– 6 Genotypes: gentle imbalances in the natural state of health

– 6 Phenotypes: adaptive changes in the healthy, usually induced

   bytrauma or coercion

– Used to balance energy

– Used for support in the healing of trauma

– Take the edge off physical and emotional disturbances

– Calming and/or tonifying effect


– What is a constitution and why it is a healthy state

– Why use a remedy for what is not a disease

– When to use a genotype and when a phenotype

– How to combine this remedy with drainage or other remedies

– Children and adult constitutions – some tip


formulas for organ support. It works very well when

combined in a treatment with the Constitutional remedy (above)

– to support organs that are weak or exhausted

– to clam down over-irritated organs and systems

– to help organs eliminate toxins, always use with detox

– to balance glandular functions during illness


Learn how to interpret the results and administer the remedies.

– Difference between using material and  energetic treatment.

– Do potencies matter and what do they mean?

– How often to change remedies.

– Frequency of administration.


An easy way to pick the best remedy out of many possibilities

for a particular symptom of injury.

– Animal bites and scratches

– Bruises. Burns. Cuts and scrapes

– Eye injuries.

– Fractures-Head injuries

– Heatstroke and exhaustion-and much more.


– Rules in first aid treatment – how long to wait before changing the potency or remedy in an emergency situation.

– How often to administer a remedy

– Navigating the tray: How to choose where to look

– combining symptoms and remedies (an injury can involve whiplash and    lowerback pain or eye damage).

– A good book to have at home with the rules of thumb of remedy use.


Each category contains the main remedies to choose from for some simple symptoms and conditions that can be treated at home.Not meant for serious chronic illnesses or symptoms related to complicated diseases.

– Appendicitis, Candida, Conjunctivitis

– Hair-loss

– Headache. Vertigo

– Fever. Flu

– Dental problems

– Allergies. Ears. Hearing

– Respiratory problems: asthma, coughs

Organs and systems problems and the typical remedies for them:

– Thyroid

– Digestion. Abdominal pain. Hemorrhoids

– Parasites. Spleen

– Liver. Bladder and UTI. Kidney stones.

– Uterine bleeding (menses, menopause, other)

Musculoskeletal problems as a result of injury or other illness:

– Arthritis

– Tendinitis, Bursitis, joint pain, etc

– Lower back pain

Skin Problems:

– Eczema

– Psoriasis

– Herpes, etc.


– How to use the remedies in acute situations: repetition of dose.

– How to use for chronic symptoms or in sensitive patients

– How to combine with Sequential Therapy for best effects

– How to combine with drainage and constitutional remedy

– When a worsening is a good sign – and a bad sign

– Why sometimes the description of the remedy does not match the symptoms of the patient and what to do about it.













Contains 3 categories: all pregnancy and birthing issues, problems for

new mothers and typical baby problems.

1. Pregnancy & Birth:

– Morning sickness.

– Abdominal pain. Back pain

– Vaginal bleeding. Lack of sleep

– Labor and Delivery-After-pains-Retained placenta

2. Post-delivery:

– Nipples

– Mastitis-Lack of Milk

– Exhaustion

3. Baby:

– Diaper rash. Eczema

– Teething

– Thrush

– Fussiness (emotions)

– Nursing problems

CHILDREN TRAYFor typical childhood diseases and problems. General health issues can be found in other trays, as the remedies are used both for adults and children.

– Bed-wetting. Sleeping problems.

– Childhood diseases: Mumps-Measles-Chickenpox

– Tonsils. Adenoids.

– Coughs and colds, fevers. Asthma


– What is different in the treatment of pregnant women and infants?

– When is it safe to treat pregnant women and when to wait

– A few tips on interpreting the results: is fever a positive sign?

– Different methods or administering remedies to babies and kids


Includes situations when one cannot fall asleep or when one wakes during the

night. Most remedies work for both types of situations as the objective

is to restore proper sleep cycles.


– Best way to treat for sleep disorders

– Additional trays to use in combination

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